Tubing the Waves: How to Stay Safe While Water Tubing


Sometimes, skiing just isn’t interesting enough. That’s why there is a huge selection of water tubes available to boaters and their families for making trips on the lake twice as fun. Enjoyed by young children and adults alike, there’s a thrill to being pulled behind a boat on an inflatable tube that bounces on the waves just right.

But of course, water tubing can be very dangerous, which is why we’ve put together a list of tips for staying safe on the water while tubing:

1: Understand How to Properly Use Your Tube!
Make sure that you know what connects to where, and make sure that your knots are tied tightly enough that you won’t lose your riders. Make sure that it is inflated completely and strength test things like handles and seats to make sure that there are no nasty surprises while on the water. You should also make sure that your riders know how to hold on properly.

2: Ensure That Your Riders are Safe!
Make your riders where a life jacket or similar flotation device. There is always the chance of hitting a wake that is too jarring for your riders to retain a secure hold on the tube, which can turn the tube over or in some cases even launch the riders into the air.

3: Keep an Eye on Your Tubers!
Establish a spotter who will keep an eye on the tubers and can report issues back to the driver. Your spotter should discuss hand signals with the tubers and come up with a way to tell the driver if they need to slow down, speed up, or simply be more careful.

4: Check, Check, and Check Again!
Double check everything before taking off. Pay special attention to where your tow line is at, since a tow line not only needs to be secure but it also needs to be far away from the propeller to keep both your riders and your boat safe.

5: Drive Safely, and Be Observant!
If you are driving the boat, make sure to pay attention to not only your speed and your spotter, but watch the water for signs of danger. Buoys, rocks, trees, and other boaters can turn a fun tubing trip into a hospital run. Make sure you are following all local laws as well.

These tips will hopefully help you to make your tubing trips more fun! Remember: Safety First!

Tubing the Waves: How to Stay Safe While Water Tubing

The 12 MUST HAVE Boating Apps For 2016 And Beyond


With technology being an ever present part of our daily lives, is it any wonder that the savvy boater would have an arsenal of must have apps on their smartphone as a part of their boating experience? Check out below to discover some of the best apps for boaters that technology has to offer.

Boat Essentials – USCG Safety Gear
Boat Essentials – USCG Safety Gear provides a simple checklist to aid you in identifying the safety items required on board your boat, as well as making suggestions for additional items that will make your boating trip safer and more comfortable.


Boat Ramps
Boat Ramps is an invaluable tool that features more than 35,000 boat ramps and marinas across the country.

Boaters Pocket Reference
Boaters Pocket Reference caters to all levels of boating expertise with hundreds of pages of widely varied content, including 457 illustrations, 94 photographs and a myriad of charts and graphs.

BoatUS Towing
BoatUS Towing connects you to the nation’s largest network of on-water towers with one push of a button. The BoatUS dispatch will easily be able to pin point your location using your phone’s GPS locator, and because your profile is stored within the app, they will also know who you are, what boat you are most likely on and whether you have a BoatUS Towing Membership.


Float Plan
Float Plan is an easy addition to your safety gear whether in-shore, off-shore, or near-shore. It translates a traditional, extremely useful concept into quick and easy applicable steps. This handy app will give your loved ones peace of mind as well as help rescuers obtain your location in the event of an unsightly event.

Wind Guru
Wind Guru is an invaluable app for all things boating or water-sports. Access wind, wave, and weather data for almost 3000 locations around the world from wherever you are in the world.


Navionics Boating
Quite possibly the most downloaded navigation app, Navionics Boating provides access to all Navionics charts plus NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) raster charts that imitate paper charts. The add-on modules let your device be a chart-plotter and allow automatic routing based on your boats details and setting depth safety parameters.


Garmin BlueChart Mobile
This free app allows you to easily plan and view routes with highly accurate and detailed maps that include shaded depth contours and inter-tidal zones. You can plan your trips around points of interest, observe weather conditions , temperatures, dew points, wind directions and wind speeds. Also locate marinas and marine service to include phone number, hours of operation and amenities and services available.

Boat Propeller Calculator
This incredibly useful app computes propeller slip or any other related variables such as propeller pitch, gear ratio, , engine RPM or actual speed.


The Encyclopedia of Boating
Every boater of any kind needs a comprehensive source for specialized boating information at their finger tips. You can find everything you need to know from boat maintenance, to navigation, to boat handling in all kinds of weather, to the physics of how boats function in this one app.

Explore a plethora of informative content on achorages, dive sites, marinas, hazards and more with BlooSee.


Ifish USA The App for Fishing in America
This is the all in one app for anglers, providing detailed information on over 120,000 lakes, ponds, and resevoirs throughout America. See real-time lake reports, weather conditions, and best fishing times, review and mark your favorite hot spots, record your catches, store your license information and learn tips tricks and techniques.

The 12 MUST HAVE Boating Apps For 2016 And Beyond

The Key Largo V-24 Offshore Reviewed: Saltwater Rig With Evinrude Power


The Key Largo 2486 WA produced impressive performance in our test runs considering that she was powered by a single 250-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2 H.O. outboard. “H.O.” stands for “High Output” which in this case means she produces something like 275-hp at wide-open-throttle. She got on plane in 4.8 seconds, reached 30 mph in 8.1 seconds and topped out at 49.5 mph, turning a BRP 4-blade 15 x 18 stainless steel propeller. She draws around 20” (.51 m), making her suitable for bay and lake fishing as well as offshore work.  Read the full review, done by boattest.com, Here

The Key Largo V-24 Offshore Reviewed: Saltwater Rig With Evinrude Power

The Time To Buy The Boat Of Your Dreams Is Now!

Caravelle Boat Group is celebrating 50 years of high-quality, sleek, and affordable boat manufacturing in 2016.  There has never been a better time than NOW to buy the boat you have been dreaming of getting for years.


This boat line is labeled as “Not Your Grandfathers Pontoon” and it lives up to that name ten fold!  These sleek “pontoon style” boats offer luxury and performance, in a sleek and desirable package that will have you being the envy of all the other boat owners on the water

2016 Razor 239E_01


Key Largo

Key Largo’s are a fisherman’s dream.  They are well suited for both ocean and fresh water fishing, with all of the amenities that a fisher could ask for!  Not only do they perform, but they will give you the space and freedom to reel in and haul as many of the fish of your choosing that you can catch.  Be ready to have a day long “fish fry” after a day out on one of these boats!




These boats, falling more in line with a speed boat than your typical bowrider, go fast!  Don’t let the sheer speed of it all distort the fact that these boats can do it all!  Great to fish on, lounge, or pull a tube behind, Interceptor boats have something for everyone.  Unlike some competing boats, these boats excel at all of these things, not just one.

2016 Interceptor 18CX_01



The name sake boat of Caravelle Boat Group, this line been in production from DAY 1!  These are the perfect combination of powerful bowrider, affordable pricing, and fan favorite!  I recently got to test drive one and found it to handle and perform better than a family member’s much more expensively priced boat that he brags about all of the time.  You have to come and try one sometime.  There is a reason that this boat is still in production, and as soon as you try it, you’ll see why!

2016 Caravelle 20EBi_06

Not Sold Yet, Check Out This Video

The Time To Buy The Boat Of Your Dreams Is Now!

We Have A LOT Of New And Exciting Boats and Features To Show Off at the Hershey Boat Show!



Caravelle Boat Group is at the Hershey Show starting tomorrow, September 14th, and going through September 18th.  We have deals at 10, 20, 30, and even 40% off this weekend!  You don’t want to miss out!  Stop by any time to see us.  We can’t wait to spend some time talking with you and finding the perfect boat for you and your family.  You won’t want to miss out on all of the exciting new boat models and updated features on your favorite boat models.  The 2017 models are the best we have ever had available!


We Have A LOT Of New And Exciting Boats and Features To Show Off at the Hershey Boat Show!

Introducing The New And Improved Key Largo V24 Offshore WA Cuddy!


At Caravelle Boat Group, we are always working on ways to give our customers the best “bang for their buck” in the industry.  With the new improvements to the V24 Offshore WA Cuddy we have done just that, and our customers are RAVING about the new upgrades.  The upgrades are as follows:

  • Changes to the motor bracket and motor position-This adds much better handling, and an overall better performance at top speeds
  • Improved USB plug-Whether you want to charge your phone, or play some music, the new updated to the USB port will not disappoint
  • Upgraded 12-volt outlet-we have updated the 12-volt outlet to the sturdiest and best version available
  • Form fitting transom seat-You’ll get compliments on how nice and comfortable this upgraded transom seat is
  • Improved front and rear flood lights-These really make night fishing trips more enjoyable, and our customers have reaped the benefits
  • Improved trailer front roller(trailer optional)-  The higher quality roller now included with this boat’s trailer make launching and loading a breeze.  This really comes in handy with a boat this size

All of these improvements have added up to a “dream boat” that will have you being the envy of all of the other boat owners out on the water.  Stop in at your closest dealer to see what the V24 Offshore has to offer today!

Introducing The New And Improved Key Largo V24 Offshore WA Cuddy!

Did You Know, America’s Largest RV Show Is Actually One Of It’s Largest Boat Shows As Well?

America’s Largest RV Show” in Hershey, Pennsylvania is fast approaching and we wanted to give a quick PSA to anyone interested in buying a boat this year:

This show has a MASSIVE amount of boats at it as well!  Many of our dealers have really strong showings of our boats, and accompanied by the mass amounts of Caravelle boats on display are SOME OF THE LOWEST PRICES YOU WILL FIND ALL YEAR on Key Largo, Interceptor, Razor, and Caravelle lines!  So stop in to your favorite dealers booth and find the perfect Caravelle, Interceptor, Key Largo, or Razor boat for your family in 2016!.

Check our America’s Largest RV Show’s website Here to get dates, tickets, info any time leading up to the show, which runs from September 14th through September 18th.


Did You Know, America’s Largest RV Show Is Actually One Of It’s Largest Boat Shows As Well?

Get Ready For Labor Day…

Labor Day is FAST APPROACHING and we wanted to give you some tips to both keep you safe, and having fun all weekend long.

1.)  Speed Kills

While, typically, there are no special speed zone alerts like you might see on July 4th to control traffic on the water (Always check with your local Coast Guard to be certain), captains should always travel at a safe speed.  In boats, a safe speed varies depending on the type of vessel, water conditions, and other boat traffic.  It’s much harder to feel how fast you are going on a boat, as opposed to a car because you have a speedometer and things constantly passing you as you go.  With all that said, practice caution while out on the water.

2016 Caravelle 20EBi_06

2.)  Check all of your equipment before you go out on the water

Always make sure safety equipment is ready to use, including fares and the fire extinguisher.  Having them on board is only half the battle:  They aren’t much use to you and your family if they don’t work.


3.)  Always Wear Life Jackets

Having a life jacket onboard and not wearing it is like having a seat belt in your car and now using it.  Boaters should ABSOLUTELY NEVER have a plan of putting on their jacket after there is an accident.  At that point, it’s too late.Roughly 80% of boating deaths happen to people not wearing a life jacket.


4.)  Make a “Float Plan”

Before going out on your boat, write down important information, including what kind of boat you will be on, who will be on it with you, where you will be going, and when you expect to be back (give or take a few hours).  This plan should be left with friends or family.  If nobody knows you are missing, it’s hard for them to be looking for you, should you be in trouble.


5.)  Always Boat Sober

Alcohol is the number 6 cause of death in all boating accidents.  If you are going to drink, always designate someone who will not be drinking to operate the boat.  I’d also recommend you show your “designated boater” how to put the boat on the trailer when you are done.  There are an endless amount of “Fail” videos on YouTube showing you why this is a smart idea.  Your passengers and boat will thank you later.

2016 Razor 239E_01

Basically, put safety first, and your fun will fall right in line behind it.  Enjoy the water and time with your friends and family.  Tag us on FaceBook or Twitter to let us see how your boat is handling the water!



Get Ready For Labor Day…

2017 Key Largo 2486 WI Hits The Waves!


Our 2017 models are starting to hit the waves!  Check out these awesome photos of the brand new 2017 Key Largo 2486 WI!  With the new year comes a new graphics package, complete, as always, with the Key Largo brand logo.  Color options have changed for 2017 as well:  White, Oyster, Ice Blue, Seafoam, Red, and Black.    Today, we’re showcasing the brilliant Ice Blue color!


The motor shown is the standard 175hp, but the 2486 WI can hold up to 2 150hp motors!  That means faster on the water, making it easier to reach your favorite fishing spot!  Other features of the 2486 WI include a walk-in center console with head, hydraulic steering, gunwale rod boxes, raw water washdown, leaning post with cushion and more!

Additional options include a hard t-top with electrical box, t-top with canvas, bimini top, compass, depth finder, cushion package, and more!
CLICK HERE to check out the Key Largo 2486 WI today!
2017 Key Largo 2486 WI Hits The Waves!