The Time To Buy The Boat Of Your Dreams Is Now!

Caravelle Boat Group is celebrating 50 years of high-quality, sleek, and affordable boat manufacturing in 2016.  There has never been a better time than NOW to buy the boat you have been dreaming of getting for years.


This boat line is labeled as “Not Your Grandfathers Pontoon” and it lives up to that name ten fold!  These sleek “pontoon style” boats offer luxury and performance, in a sleek and desirable package that will have you being the envy of all the other boat owners on the water

2016 Razor 239E_01


Key Largo

Key Largo’s are a fisherman’s dream.  They are well suited for both ocean and fresh water fishing, with all of the amenities that a fisher could ask for!  Not only do they perform, but they will give you the space and freedom to reel in and haul as many of the fish of your choosing that you can catch.  Be ready to have a day long “fish fry” after a day out on one of these boats!




These boats, falling more in line with a speed boat than your typical bowrider, go fast!  Don’t let the sheer speed of it all distort the fact that these boats can do it all!  Great to fish on, lounge, or pull a tube behind, Interceptor boats have something for everyone.  Unlike some competing boats, these boats excel at all of these things, not just one.

2016 Interceptor 18CX_01



The name sake boat of Caravelle Boat Group, this line been in production from DAY 1!  These are the perfect combination of powerful bowrider, affordable pricing, and fan favorite!  I recently got to test drive one and found it to handle and perform better than a family member’s much more expensively priced boat that he brags about all of the time.  You have to come and try one sometime.  There is a reason that this boat is still in production, and as soon as you try it, you’ll see why!

2016 Caravelle 20EBi_06

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The Time To Buy The Boat Of Your Dreams Is Now!