The 12 MUST HAVE Boating Apps For 2016 And Beyond


With technology being an ever present part of our daily lives, is it any wonder that the savvy boater would have an arsenal of must have apps on their smartphone as a part of their boating experience? Check out below to discover some of the best apps for boaters that technology has to offer.

Boat Essentials – USCG Safety Gear
Boat Essentials – USCG Safety Gear provides a simple checklist to aid you in identifying the safety items required on board your boat, as well as making suggestions for additional items that will make your boating trip safer and more comfortable.


Boat Ramps
Boat Ramps is an invaluable tool that features more than 35,000 boat ramps and marinas across the country.

Boaters Pocket Reference
Boaters Pocket Reference caters to all levels of boating expertise with hundreds of pages of widely varied content, including 457 illustrations, 94 photographs and a myriad of charts and graphs.

BoatUS Towing
BoatUS Towing connects you to the nation’s largest network of on-water towers with one push of a button. The BoatUS dispatch will easily be able to pin point your location using your phone’s GPS locator, and because your profile is stored within the app, they will also know who you are, what boat you are most likely on and whether you have a BoatUS Towing Membership.


Float Plan
Float Plan is an easy addition to your safety gear whether in-shore, off-shore, or near-shore. It translates a traditional, extremely useful concept into quick and easy applicable steps. This handy app will give your loved ones peace of mind as well as help rescuers obtain your location in the event of an unsightly event.

Wind Guru
Wind Guru is an invaluable app for all things boating or water-sports. Access wind, wave, and weather data for almost 3000 locations around the world from wherever you are in the world.


Navionics Boating
Quite possibly the most downloaded navigation app, Navionics Boating provides access to all Navionics charts plus NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) raster charts that imitate paper charts. The add-on modules let your device be a chart-plotter and allow automatic routing based on your boats details and setting depth safety parameters.


Garmin BlueChart Mobile
This free app allows you to easily plan and view routes with highly accurate and detailed maps that include shaded depth contours and inter-tidal zones. You can plan your trips around points of interest, observe weather conditions , temperatures, dew points, wind directions and wind speeds. Also locate marinas and marine service to include phone number, hours of operation and amenities and services available.

Boat Propeller Calculator
This incredibly useful app computes propeller slip or any other related variables such as propeller pitch, gear ratio, , engine RPM or actual speed.


The Encyclopedia of Boating
Every boater of any kind needs a comprehensive source for specialized boating information at their finger tips. You can find everything you need to know from boat maintenance, to navigation, to boat handling in all kinds of weather, to the physics of how boats function in this one app.

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Ifish USA The App for Fishing in America
This is the all in one app for anglers, providing detailed information on over 120,000 lakes, ponds, and resevoirs throughout America. See real-time lake reports, weather conditions, and best fishing times, review and mark your favorite hot spots, record your catches, store your license information and learn tips tricks and techniques.

The 12 MUST HAVE Boating Apps For 2016 And Beyond