Tubing the Waves: How to Stay Safe While Water Tubing


Sometimes, skiing just isn’t interesting enough. That’s why there is a huge selection of water tubes available to boaters and their families for making trips on the lake twice as fun. Enjoyed by young children and adults alike, there’s a thrill to being pulled behind a boat on an inflatable tube that bounces on the waves just right.

But of course, water tubing can be very dangerous, which is why we’ve put together a list of tips for staying safe on the water while tubing:

1: Understand How to Properly Use Your Tube!
Make sure that you know what connects to where, and make sure that your knots are tied tightly enough that you won’t lose your riders. Make sure that it is inflated completely and strength test things like handles and seats to make sure that there are no nasty surprises while on the water. You should also make sure that your riders know how to hold on properly.

2: Ensure That Your Riders are Safe!
Make your riders where a life jacket or similar flotation device. There is always the chance of hitting a wake that is too jarring for your riders to retain a secure hold on the tube, which can turn the tube over or in some cases even launch the riders into the air.

3: Keep an Eye on Your Tubers!
Establish a spotter who will keep an eye on the tubers and can report issues back to the driver. Your spotter should discuss hand signals with the tubers and come up with a way to tell the driver if they need to slow down, speed up, or simply be more careful.

4: Check, Check, and Check Again!
Double check everything before taking off. Pay special attention to where your tow line is at, since a tow line not only needs to be secure but it also needs to be far away from the propeller to keep both your riders and your boat safe.

5: Drive Safely, and Be Observant!
If you are driving the boat, make sure to pay attention to not only your speed and your spotter, but watch the water for signs of danger. Buoys, rocks, trees, and other boaters can turn a fun tubing trip into a hospital run. Make sure you are following all local laws as well.

These tips will hopefully help you to make your tubing trips more fun! Remember: Safety First!

Tubing the Waves: How to Stay Safe While Water Tubing